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how to play a video after downloading a torrent | Full Hindi Movie Download Links & Movies Kickass Torrent Mp3 song value of the NHS target for child mortality has been cut by 70,000 children in England in the last five years, the new chief executive of the NHS has said. Simon Stevens said that a 10-year programme to target childhood deaths by 25% would need to be put in place to meet the “alarming” new statistics, published on Tuesday. Stevens, the former chief executive of the NHS in England, has set out the “three big demands” of his tenure at NHS England: to build a system fit for the future; to make sure that people trust the NHS and use it as their first port of call; and to make sure that the NHS is staffed for the future. He called the childhood mortality rate of 44 deaths per 10,000 live births for England “alarming”. In 2008, it was 50 per 10,000, and at 42 per 10,000 in 2013, it is below the target of 44 for 2015. In 2014, there were 1,168 children born who died before they turned five, or 44 deaths per 10,000. The figures for 2015 are expected to show a slight improvement to 42 deaths per 10,000, which is slightly below the target. Stevens said that “getting too many children to die early is not good for anyone”. “I can’t pretend it’s great for families, for society, or for the NHS. And it is not good for the NHS because we’re not getting the best care for children and it isn’t getting any better,” he told the Guardian. “To meet that target, we need to have a system that is ready for the future and people will trust.” He





Dabangg 2 Tamil Movie Download Kickass Torrent elwpenl

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