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They show two kinds of relationships: the relationship between the parents and the child. It is about the bond between the mother and the daughter. It is about how the daughter and the father have to face challenges and problems that they never faced before in their lives. This movie talks about these themes. Plot The film is a story of two boys, Zoya and Jamal, who are selected for a scholarship abroad. Zoya is a middle-class boy and Jamal a lower middle-class boy. They are brought together for their higher studies. Zoya falls for Ayesha, a girl from a rich family. The parents are not comfortable with Ayesha and her family, so they don't ask Zoya to take her home. But Zoya is not a coward, he decides to take her home. Then the conflict begins and goes on between the two families. The story deals with the problems and the relationship that is formed between Zoya and Ayesha in this environment. Cast Bobby Deol as Zoya Shah Rukh Khan as Jamal Shilpa Shinde as Ayesha Mahima Chaudhry as Fauzia Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Mohan Pandey Supriya Pathak as Riya Vishal Menon as Ranjeet Uday Tikekar as Urvashi Deepti Naval as Pari Lalita Poonawala as Pari's mom Anjana Mumtaz as Zoya's mom Sulagna as Jamal's mom Deven Verma as Zoya's dad Raza Murad as Jamal's dad Tariq Jameel as Dheeraj Music Music of the film is provided by Pritam. This is his first Hindi film. Pritam has scored music for all the songs except for the song "Wada Huwa Huwa", which has been arranged by Abhijit Vaghani. Awards References External links Category:2000s Hindi-language films Category:Indian films Category:2005 films Category:Films scored by Pritam Category:Films directed by Mehul KumarThe flat-screen movie screen in the wall of a hotel conference room in New York. A new report from Purdue University says that nearly a third of Americans have discussed trying




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HD Online Player (Salaam Namaste Movie English Subtitl)

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